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How I Decided to Get my Accounting Degree

I worked for 12 years in the restaurant industry. I first started as a dishwasher in a small American restaurant and worked my way up to a busboy and then eventually became a server. I worked there for a few years and was even promoted to a finer restaurant. I was making really good money but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go much higher than where I was at. Although I loved my job, I wasn’t happy with the idea that I was pretty close to the top as far as my career advancement went.

I always saw myself as someone that would eventually get a degree and transition into an office job but the money was so good right out of high school that I never had a need to. Now here I am, 30 years old and not sure if I can stay at this job much longer. I know eventually I will become bored with it and although I will be able to support myself comfortably, I will never be able to accomplish what I want to in life.

I didn’t know what to do because I was so far into the restaurant business. I worked there for over a decade and never pursued any higher education during that time. I have no other skills aside from my serving experience so I felt like I was going to be stuck there forever.

Eventually I decided to look into getting a degree. I saw that there were a lot of options for me to consider. I could go full-time and get a bachelor degree in less than four years if I really put my mind to it. The other option was to take classes in the morning and continue to work at night. That would prolong my degree but I would still be of to get it eventually.

Although those options were interesting, I didn’t like the idea of not graduating until I was in my mid-30s so I decided it wasn’t for me. Eventually, I got the idea of looking into getting n associates degree. I saw that I could get an associates to become an accountant within a year all while balancing my busy work schedule as a server at the same time. Once I realize this, I decided it was perfect for me. I would finally be able to achieve my goal of moving out of the service industry and pursue better career opportunities.

Getting an education was an all important change in life

After working in different jobs and not being satisfied in any of them I decided the time had come to make a change and get myself a career by adding to my education. The moment I made the decision to return to college and finish out the degree I had started and abandoned years before I could feel the energy and happiness running back into my body and mind. There are many options available for returning to college and I do have to work as well as study, but the knowledge that I will soon be qualified and have a certificate to prove I completed my degree will make it all worthwhile.

I put off returning to college as I tried desperately to make a better life for myself and my family, but eventually I realized I was never going to get out of low paying jobs without making a major change in my life. I now know that my education will provide the basis for the life my family want to lead and will give my children the chances I was not offered. Not only will it make it easy for me to live a better life, but getting my education has also given me a sense of confidence and responsibility that I did not have before to make me a better person.

Scholarships Gave Me the Opportunity to Live the Dream

Early in middle school I realized what my life’s passion was. I remember being in charge of a cupcake sale, the Girl Scouts were raising money to help with the cost of a trip to Washington D.C. that summer. I started making a few dozen cupcakes, then more, until I ha literally made hundreds. I loved everything about cooking.

In high school I was much more than a cupcake maker, having mastered several different meals and each month learned more. My parents were very supportive, letting me prepare meals for the family a few times a week. I wasn’t sure at the time if it was because they were exhausted each day after work or they really loved my meals. I was consumed with the thought of cooking and making new variations of classic meals. Luckily our high school did have home economic classes, and I was able to learn more about the love of my life.

I knew after high school that in order to become a world-renowned chef, I would have to further my education and get a degree in cooking. While my family was supportive of my choice of career, they were not in the position financially to send me to the local culinary school even for a year. Tuition was very costly, and I was concerned that as my senior year approached, I had no way to secure enough money to further my studies.

I was still active with the Girl Scouts, and my den mother recommended I look for some scholarships t help offset the tuition. These scholarships were from a vast variety of sponsors, many looking for an essay, a new recipe concept, or a complete layout of a new restaurant with menu included. I entered as many of these scholarships as possible because I realized to become a great chef I had to attend a great school and learn even more than I already knew.

My scout friends all kept an eye out for new scholarships being offered in the culinary field, and I kept busy making certain to give my full commitment to each one I entered. The first time I received notification I had won several thousands of dollars, I nearly jumped through the roof. It was like hitting the lottery and being accepted to the best school in the country at the same time. I was able to further my education, get a degree, and go on to work at one of the most recognized restaurants in New York.

Why A Career Is Important.

Starting a career is one of the biggest steps that I took when it came to becoming an adult. Starting a new career is a little more difficult than it may sound. However, it is a necessary step to getting out on your own and starting a life for yourself. One aspect that will help anyone start a new career is educating themselves in an institute of higher learning in an area that is specific to the type of career they are interested in.

Starting a career is necessary in order to achieve a sense of self confidence and independence as an adult. I did not feel as though I had established myself as an independent adult until I started my current career. It allows you to provide for yourself, as well as have the ability to provide for others, such as a family, if you have the desire to.

Starting a career is not only important in order to provide for yourself and others financially and establish a sense of independence, but it is necessary in order to be a productive member of society. I never wanted to feel as though I was not doing my part as a member of society and mooching off the government. Instead, I wanted to do my part and provide and make a way for myself, on my own.